Black screen after upgrade from Fedora 37 to 38

I have upgraded Fedora (with KDE Plasma) 37 to 38 on my notebook Lenovo ThinkPad E470. Everything gone smoothly and after restart I can work in GUI in new version.
But after next restart, after logon, display gone black and there was only mouse cursor working.
I was able to do Ctrl-Alt-Del (and then Logout, Restart, …) and Ctrl-Alt-F3 (to work on console).
After some experiments I found that problem is only with KDE Plasma (both X11 and Waytland) and only with my user account.
After some other experiments I found that by deleting file .config/PlasmaUserFeedback (with only two lines: [Global] and: FeedbackLevel=16) everything goes ok and I can login to my KDE Plasma again and everything is working.

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