Black screen after login Fedora 38

Hello everyone,
I am new here; after using other distros I wanted to try Fedora.
The installation of Fedora 38 Cinnamon went well, after the first update I could still log in, but when the login screen disappeared there was a black screen with only the icons and the mouse pointer and when I click on computer a folder opens, but without window buttons .
I reinstalled once, but same result. black screen again after login.
Can someone help me how can I proceed

You need to provide more information.

You should be able to get to a login: prompt by typing Ctrl-Alt-F3 so that you can run some commands.

What is the output from the following?

sudo dnf install /usr/bin/inxi
inxi -GFx

Paste as pre-formatted type please.

Excuse my lack of knowledge, but how can I post here from that terminal?
I am now working with Linux Solus to type here.
I get an error message with both assignments, I took a picture of it and attached it here.
I hope you can help me further.

Sorry I forgot - now the output of inxi -GFx on photo

Put the output in a file and copy to the computer that you are posting from?

inxi -GFx >inxi.log

Then use ssh copy command scp to copy to another computer.

Looks like you have network issues from the first image.

Can you tell me how to do it step by step, I tried but I can’t, I typed scp and nothing happened.

I have no internet with cable, now wifi turned on and there is another output from first command ‘inxi already installed’
The output of inxi -GFx again in photo.
inxi -GFx >inxi.log gives no output see other picture

The problem is solved, I think update error.
I had clicked on the dnfdragora-updater icon and then clicked on cinnamon in the list on the left, then update and apply, then it was wrong.
Now I have Ctrl-Alt-F3 then login and then the command ’ sudo dnf upgrade. This took about 2 hours.
But after restarting I was able to log in normally again and will now try Fedora Thank you for your help.
For the internet problem I will make new topic

Glad you were able to work that out.

Note that a user always has a risk when they choose to use non-standard tools on their system. The dnfdragora package is not included in a standard installation of Workstation at the choice of the developers and management for a reason. It is available for those who wish to try and/or use it though.

I personally stick as much as possible to the vanilla fedora install since it has been my experience that some tools to make tasks easier actually do the opposite. I am comfortable with my work flow, which does not fit everyone, so each to their own choices.

I even have had problems with the packagekit-offline-update process which automatically updates the system during a reboot and have disabled that.

Sorry for the translation with simple translate.
Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been busy with other things.
I downloaded and installed Fedora 38 Cinnamon and it includes dnfdragora by default.
But due to my unfamiliarity with Fedora, I didn’t use it properly.
With synaptic for example you have to reload first then update system and then apply.
With dnfdragora it is open and then select all and then apply. But instead of selecting all I searched for reload or something. And then probably did half an update.