Bitwarden Flatpak fails to work properly

as screenshots shows Bitwarden doesn’t render content properly. I wanted to share logs but it generates almost 3k lines and i couldn’t find anything useful.
anyone else had experienced same problem?
reinstalling it didn’t help.

first image
second image

Fixed by manually removing ~/.var/app/com.bitwarden.desktop :confused:

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It would be great if you could report the bug here next time:

I’ve also seen some issues in the past, the developers need to know about it. This is likely not Fedora-specific, since it seems you installed it from Flathub.

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I think this is the problem:

Thanks for sharing @kparal

I wanted to report the problem yesterday but since i wasn’t able to find anyone else experiencing the same situation thought it’s specific to my setup.

sure i’ll mention it there.

Try removing the GPU Cache:

rm -rf ~/.var/app/com.bitwarden.desktop/config/Bitwarden/Partitions/bitwarden/GPUCache

Thank you! Apparently this is applicable to all Electron based apps

Thank you @samicokar @naadiyaar i was struggling with the same thing!

That’s only a temporary solution. The long-term solution is to disable 3D acceleration using Flatseal, as the upstream ticket shows. And of course the best solution would be to convince Bitwarden devs to care about this problem - they seem to not care if people don’t demonstrate it in one of their supported distribution channels (which Flathub is not).

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