Bitlocker Protected Disks in Fedora 33

I just made a great discovery! Fedora 33 automatically unlocks Bitlocker-protected (with password) disks by popping up a gui box asking for the password! That’s so great, it’s just like what Windows 10 does. F32 didn’t do this and I had to use the dislocker utility to achieve the same thing. I discovered this accidentally when I connected an external drive on a new installation and I was about to install dislocker when I saw the password prompt even without dislocker installed yet.

My question is how is this being done? I tried searching the fedora wikis for “bitlocker” or “dislocker” and came up with nothing. The reason I want to know is because I want to put this in fstab to automatically unlock my bitlocker-protected Windows partition like I used to do with dislocker. Thanks in advance for any insights.


ahh so I see that LUKS has integrated the method of Bitlocker decryption as well. I guess I’ll just have to add a line to crypttab then to automatically unlock my dual-boot Windows partition. I don’t have time yet to try this out but I think it’ll be straightforward – hopefully. I’ll consider your comment as answer as you’ve pointed me to the right direction.

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