Bikeshedding wanted: Fedora program updates

Hi everyone! As you may already know, I publish a CommBlog post every Friday that includes a rundown of change proposals, upcoming meetings, deadlines, etc etc etc. When I first started doing this, I called it the “Fedora Program Manager report”. A while back, I got some feedback that this wasn’t a catchy title and started using “Fedora program update”.

This is better, but I’m not convinced that it’s the best choice. I was thinking something like “Fedora week in review”, but that doesn’t imply “and also what’s coming up”, which is as important as what just happened. So I’m opening it up for bikeshedding. Throw your suggestions below and I’ll pick my favorite after some period of time.

Once upon a time, @mattdm used to publish a weekly “5 Things in Fedora” this week. CommOps sometimes helped compile the list of things to include in these posts:

Perhaps it makes sense to reboot with an updated version of this brand. It was a popular column and also fostered community participation in rounding up the community highlights.

I’m in favor of that, but I consider that separate from the intent of my weekly commblog update.

For what it’s worth, I enjoyed doing this, but found it pretty much took up a full day’s worth of my time every week (even with help). Maybe someone other than me is able to do it more efficiently. I agree that it’s a great thing to have.

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For something “catchy”, I’m tempted to play on the idea of a “Fedora” being a hat. Maybe Musings Of The Hatter? I like this because it is vaguely reminiscent of the phrase “mad as a hatter”. However, the abbreviation would form the word MOTH which, while memorable, might be seen to have a slight negative connotation as in mothballed.

Perhaps Milliner’s Musings would work as a slightly more poetic version (Milliner is just another word for hatter).

Just some random ideas.

Maybe something like “Tip of the Hat”?

This is probably okay for an internal blog, but our friends over at Red Hat’s marketing department have asked us very nicely to not use Fedora marketing which references hats. I know that sounds ridiculous when everyone knows that a Fedora is a hat, but they want to make sure it isn’t mistaken for official Red Hat marketing or communications (where Red Hat of course actually contains the word “hat” directly).

This isn’t a mandate; it really is a serious polite request, so I’m inclined to encourage us to respect it. It is important to the requestors.

(This is, incidentally, why we don’t have a blue hat logo or hat-related swag. Except baseball caps, which is fine because that just happens to be a hat.)

Since it’s the current state of Fedora Project proper you’re discussing, maybe “The state of Fedora from the office of the PM”, though it seems a bit stuffy. Perhaps “Fedora project, weekly news.” I know, rather boring…

I find the term “Program” to be confusing for many, so I would support the change which makes it less formal and more clear for people outside of the bubble.

What about just “Fedora Weekly”? It maybe too generic, but then it gives you some freedom with the content.

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How about

Fedora Moments

It can be about past, present, future.
Moments - not too long

Simple yet meaningful.

“Fedora Timeline Updates for Week of [date]”

In no particular order:

  • How about just ‘the fedora newsletter’ ? newsletters seem to be making something of a comeback and it’s pretty clear what it is and who it’s from?

  • Fedora happenings

  • Friday fedora (sent on fridays of course)

  • FMOTW - Fedora message of the week (play on message of the day)

One analogy I have been thinking of for a while is what if we think of all the related projects as a watershed? You have the upstream (litterally) projects bubbling up from springs and getting integrated into a Fedora rapids stream, which goes over a rawhide waterfall, then to the lazy centos stream river with it’s slow moving waters and finally to the rhel delta. Ok, it might need more work, but if you have read this far, how about “Fedora watershed Report” ? :slight_smile:


This is my favorite suggestion so far, perhaps mostly because it is an alliteration. :grin:

Points for being the most creative and philosophical name! As much as I love the concept, it would likely be confusing to anyone who doesn’t get the upstream → Fedora → CentOS → RHEL pipeline.

My main concern is that unless Ben is going to expand this into a general “everything going on in Fedora this week” report, the title shouldn’t imply that.

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It’s certainly the closest thing to “everything” we have now. I’m not too concerned about overselling it if that gets people to read it. :smiling_imp:

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It’s not overselling I’m worried about; it’s representing these things, which are important but not everything as everything. I’d rather it be specific to what is actually covered.

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I decided to go with “Friday’s Fedora Facts: -” for 50% more alliteration. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions!

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