Best way to have multiple copies of a single Flatpak on Kinoite?

I’ve recently moved over to Kinoite and I’m looking to set up a couple of independent instances of a Flatpak - I did find the instructions on Flathub for doing this in the general sense (Tips and Tricks - Flatpak documentation) but while these do work KDE seems to be largely unaware of the extra instances, which means I can’t set permissions for the extra installs. Is there an alternative process to have multiple instances of a Flatpak on Kinoite, or alternatively is there a way to point the Flatpak permissions manager to the additional installs?

I don’t think it’s possible to have multiple instance of a Flatpak with different permissions. You can have a user one and a system one but that’s it.

If you want to do something like that, you probably have to rebuild the Flatpak with a different ID so that it can have its own permissions settings.