Best way to handle kernel error?

When I booted my system up this morning, I got a message on my desktop that “something on my system had crashed”, and when I clicked on it, it said there was a kernel error.

I tried to submit the error report through the wizard, but it said it was annoying that there wasn’t enough information, but didn’t give a resolution.

So, I checked dmesg to see what I could find… and I don’t see any errors listed there. A couple of info/warning messages, but nothing so severe as a kernel crash, which sounds pretty concerning.

Any suggestions on the best way to handle it? I could just ignore it, because the system seems fine, but I’m not sure that’s best.

Here’s the dmesg output, if anyone is interested in take a look themselves:

Thanks in advance!


Click on the button “more” and copy past the message here as pre-formatted text.

I can’t copy and paste very well from this UI… I’d have to do it line by line it looks like. :frowning: Is this info in a log file somewhere I can just copy it all at once?

Here’s what looks to be the most pertinent info. If you need more, would a screenshot be okay, if there’s no log file?

> backtrace traps: Chrome_IOThread[6789] trap invalid opcode ip:55fb835c3464 sp:7fab3ad79c10 error:0 in Discord[55fb8112c000+5cbd000]
> package kernel-core-5.12.5-300.fc34
> user unknown user
> type/analyzer Kerneloops/abrt-oops

So, actually taking a minute to read this is interesting. I guess discord is doing something it shouldn’t, and the system is failing to fail in a nice manner. I didn’t expect this, because discord is working fine as far as I can tell. I wonder if its an autostart issue, as the “unknown user” seems peculiar.

If nothing else, that doesn’t seem so bad as far as kernel errors go. :slight_smile:

Note the timestamp where the error occurred and then check in journalctl -e. If you want to quickly just list errors: journalctl -e -p err

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Wow, journalctl is great! Thank you.

For better or worse, I don’t see any system failures today. I have made quite a few changes on the system though, adding/removing software, doing updates, and most notably switching from KDE to back to Gnome.

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Note, FWIW the trap invalid opcode error means that you hit a bug in Chrome, not in the kernel. The kernel is “merely” logging that Chrome executed an invalid x86 instruction and that it is being terminated because of that (once an app has executed an invalid instruction there is no way to save it).

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Makes sense, thank you. I think I copied the wrong thing. I found a few application crashes, and kernel errors listed in the error reporter.