Battery status problem in F36

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There is a problem with the kernel 5.19.4-200. You need blacklist asus_ec_sensors module or boot with 5.18.19-200.

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I assume Since I am a very new user of fedora 36 (linux as a whole) I have only two boot options and both of them are kernel 5.19.6-200. I am sorry that I am disturbing you but could you please explain what is blacklisting asus_ec_sensors module?! and how to do that?! I have no idea what it is, but i like learning, I do not want to go back to windows 11. Thanks)

We have already three other discussions about this topic. I don’t want to merge them to avoid confusion but please focus on discussing there. They also already contain answers to your question.

Further, please focus a question in one thread, not in all at once. This helps us to avoid double work.

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