Battery percent indicator for bluetooth device

  1. Edit or add this line to /etc/bluetooth/main.conf under the [General] section set to true:

Experimental = true

  1. Restart bluetooth:

sudo systemctl restart bluetooth

Warning it’s experimental and can mess system stability .

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Please describe in detail what this should do.
It is extremely sparse on meaning.

I found this - Bluetooth - ArchWiki section 3.4 Enabling experimental features:

The Bluez stack keeps new, potentially buggy features behind the D-Bus experimental and kernel experimental options. The functionality included under these varies over time, as experimental features are determined to be stable and no longer require the option (as an example: enabling D-Bus experimental interfaces currently allows to report battery level for old headsets). To enable these, uncomment the corresponding line in the configuration:


… # Enables D-Bus experimental interfaces # Possible values: true or false #Experimental = true # Enables kernel experimental features, alternatively a list of UUIDs # can be given. # Possible values: true,false, # Possible UUIDS: … # Defaults to false. #KernelExperimental = true

Alternatively, you can edit the bluetooth.service to add the --experimental or --kernel flag, like this drop-in file:


[Service] ExecStart= ExecStart=/usr/lib/bluetooth/bluetoothd --experimental

Normally you don’t have to do this, but for experimental and bluez related questions asking in Issues · bluez/bluez · GitHub here can help you more and faster for what you want to achieve based the context you wrote. I understand that you have a BT device unable to see battery indicator for see that you want to enable this feature so asking bluez devs can help you definitely more as well. (plus they can debug properly based on info they could ask)