Battery indicator not working properly

I have recently changed my os from windows 11 to fedora 36 gnome42. And once while working on it the battery indicator kept showing 89% quite for a long. As I was new and not experienced I thought may be it started consuming a lot less, but I was wrong. Then while showing 89% it just suddenly turned off. Then I realized that the battery indicator not showing the right percentage. Then when I plugged it in it also showed 0% quite for a long. As I restarted my pc then it showed 41% immediately. Now it has been showing 56% since I restarted it again after that. So there seems to be an isssue with the battery indicator. Does anyone have any idea ?

you should ask this question we have dedicated area for solving bugs and issues kindly post there with some hardware info inxi -Fxz before doing that you may need to install inxi package.

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I see. I actually posted it there too. I have not received any possible solution so far

As far as I can see, you asked yesterday, and the assumption of Scott seems reasonable to me. Based upon the limited indication we have so far, you cannot expect a solution within a few minutes. Even at a paid support I’m not sure if this could be solved that quickly. See you at ask.fp to find a solution there :slight_smile:

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wait there you will find some help…

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yeah, reasonable!