Battery Display Issue

I have installed Fedora 36 on my older Lenovo Yoga Carbon X1 (Gen 1) and I have immediately noticed that the battery indicator takes a few minutes to register that the power is plugged in. I have seen a bunch of posts from last year about the same issue, which the last post is that it is a “bios issue with Linux” and that it can’t be fixed, but I don’t have the same issue with OpenSUSE KDE, that is working perfectly fine with almost instantanious battery identification.

That along with a few other minor issues mean I probably can’t have Fedora with this machine.

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The icon doesn’t change when it’s on “pending charge” status. It’s aware that it’s plugged in, but won’t start charging until after a certain level of discharge. This is a good thing as it improves the overall longevity of your battery over time.

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It does it even when it’s low on charge, so that’s not the reason.

I noted the same on my Thinkpad T450s (already on F35 and now F36), and thought it was related to battery thresholds that I set. However, thinking about, you’re right, even if the charge is low (<15%), it shows “Not Charging” even with AC adapter plugged in.
Further debug required