Battery discharges when lid closed

I’ve installed recently Fedora 34. After that, I installed tlp, but did not change any settings. I’ve noticed that the battery discharges (not dramatically, but significantly) when the lid of the laptop (Dell Inspiron 5570) is closed. The laptop is in good shape, but it seems the chassis has deformed a bit - I need to press it down on the lower edge to close it. Nonetheless, the laptop does seem to go to sleep, so I don’t know if this is the problem.

May this be something I can solve by adjusting the power settings? If yes, how?

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This is probably a Dell issue. Please see:

Thank you - I may try contacting Dell. But this is a fairly recent problem, it didn’t use to happen in any noticeable way, this is why I think it may be a way to improve things via software.