Basic user Silverblue feedback

Just a feedback from a usual Slackware user…
After testing in virtualbox, I managed to install SB on a W540 Thinkpad, on a dual-boot mode with Windows 10, but in legacy mode ; automatic partitionning option after Slackware partitions delete, all went fine.
I manage to cover my (little and classical) needs with flatpaks, at the exception of Grisbi (a personnal financial app I’m used to) and of Virtualbox (unable to install Slackware into Gnome Boxes, and unable not to see a Slacware machine working on my laptop :slight_smile: ) that I installed with rpm-ostree.
Very happy with SB, thinks it has chance to cure my severe distrohopping !


I also recently switched from Clear Linux to Silverblue. I also tried a few other distros like Ubuntu. Like yours, my needs are pretty simple - email, web, and learning the Terminal. I’m running it on a ThinkPad X1 Carbon, and the speed and stability are excellent. Looks great in 4K. I find that Silverblue (immutable) is similar enough to Clear Linux (stateless) that I understand it conceptually. The real difference is that Silverblue has a great community to answer questions and provide guidance. I hope you enjoy your Silverblue experience as much as I am.


Hello @seb_fr_62 ,
I too started my Linux journey with Slackware on my :desktop_computer: now it’s only home to :fedora:. Glad you’re liking it!

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