Banner buttons should be truncated when browser window is narrow

I use Kinoite with Bismuth, a tiling plugin. When the browser window containing is resized/made narrower, the banner buttons remain full size.
This creates a weird situation where most of the site is visible in the viewport, but to search, access the menu or my profile, I need to scroll right. This issue is identical for Firefox 99.0 beta (flatpak) and Ungoogled Chromium 99.0 (flatpak).

See screenshots for demonstration:

I think it would improve UX for us tiling folks if the “code of Conduct”, “Documentation”, and “Community Discussion Channels” banner buttons were truncated or hidden when the browser window is made too narrow to fit everything without sidescrolling. doesn’t have “extra” banner buttons, and has no problem with narrow browser windows.

The UI component which puts those links prominently at the top isn’t standard, and that’s what’s causing the behavior. @hhlp, any ideas?

Yeh, I think the component isn’t “responsive” or whatever. We’ve set them to not show on mobile platforms already, but narrowing a browser window still treats it like a desktop so they don’t go away. I don’t see another setting there to narrow them down or remove them when the window is narrow.

Bug in the component worth reporting perhaps?

Yes, as @ankursinha mention this component is not well responsive at all, alternatives:

  1. I’ve removed community this improve a little an leave ‘Disccusion channels’ because we suposse we are in a community.
  2. See is a media query works, an reduce the size of the text in header will improve it.
  3. Install Easy Responsive Footer - theme-component - Discourse Meta and move all this link there.
  4. or maybe a drop down menu


@mattdm FYI Do you remember what is the name of the plug-ins capable to see the html tag with a simple click in a ICON near the user area? Do you rememeber it? we’ve instaled and I’ve enabled in development them but I’ven’t found right now?


if we aling to left is well responsive…


Is fixed rightn now, soory for the delay:


observe the diference between text and the length of the bottom browser bar…



Thanks, it’s great!