Badges and Fedora Translations

Interesting. I have never been thinking about badges when contributing. They have never been a source of my motivation to contribute to Fedora. Maybe because 99% of my contribution is concerned with ‘mere’ translation? But it really seems badges attract many and many contributors. Which I see, personally, as a positive thing.

So, my feeling about badges is somewhat similar to darthlukan.

What if:

  • there were more translation-related badges, and
  • badges were more visible as part of the translations workflow.

Even if this isn’t a personal motivator, do you think that might help others get involved, or see what other translation-related things they could do?

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I second that. A contribution to translation is as valuable and as welcome as any.

Regarding badges, I could imagine a Tower of Babel or a Speaker of Tongues series of badges, if the biblical reference is not prohibitive.

I think so. I can see an interest in badges within whole Fedora community, I don’t expect it could be otherwise in the translation domain.