AWS Fedora 28 upgrade

I run Fedora 28 in AWS, running into issues with some software not supporting this version any more. Yet I see no way to upgrade 28 to next releases in place, since “dnf upgrade --refresh” returns “nothing to do”.
What’s a way to upgrade my system in AWS with minimal effort and risks?


To upgrade between releases, use dnf system-upgrade rather than regular upgrade. See DNF System Upgrade :: Fedora Docs for details. Note that this is an offline upgrade — one command downloads all the changes and a second reboots and applies them.

Also, we only support skipping one release, so going from F28 to F33 (or F34) directly may not work; you may need to go to 30 and then 32 first.

You can also try to do an online update using DNF directly by following these instructions: Upgrading Fedora using package manager :: Fedora Docs.

Tried upgrading to 30, then to 29 - the system never comes back after reboot. Looks like I stuck with a stale system.

Try to create an instance using KVM with direct disk boot if possible.