AV1 decoders for Totem player

Can’t find AV1 decoders compatible with Totem. Is there a package in the standard repositories or in RPM Fusion containing this decoder?

Does this help.

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Install the RPMFusion free repository.
Install with sudo dnf install libavcodec-av1 package.

For fedora 38 there is no libavcodec-av1 in rpmfusion.

One may use sudo dnf install libavcodec-freeworld --allowerasing or sudo dnf swap libavcodec-free libavcodec-freeworld

I believe the libavcodec-freeworld package contains the av1 codec.

Sorry for that i think so…

Contains that package.

Ok thanks to all for tips but I found it in gstreamer1-plugins-bad-free-extras