%autorelease is always giving me a release number of 1, regardless of number of builds

Hi, I maintain a few packages in [my copr] (hazel-bunny/ports Copr). I use the %autorelease macro for handling releases in accordance with the recommendations from the fedora project. It is supposed to automatically bump release number on rebuild. However, when I’m trying to rebuild [this package] (Build 6219412 in hazel-bunny/ports) the release number is not increased on subsequent rebuilds. Could anybody explain the cause and possible fix?

I do not see any commits to the spec file after your switch to autorelease.
A simple “rebuild” of a build in copr will not change the release - it rebuilds the exact same package.
A rebuild - or rather - retrigger in copr or via git makes copr/rpkg rebuild the spec/srpm. If nothing has changed in the history then no new release will be created: autorelease basically just counts the number of commits since the last version bump.

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Thank you!

For anybody wanting to bump release without changing spec, eg for rebuilding against new dependencies, follow this