Automatically logs out when opening Gnome shell extensions

I tried opening gnome shell extensions and everytime i launch the app i instantly get logged out. In some rare cases the app opens and allows me to use it.
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but of no use

Please be a bit more specific about extension and Fedora version.

I could imagine that the extension is incompatible with Gnome 40 if it is F34. Please more info’s.

Im sorry, yes i use fedora 34. I dont think any extions is causing the problem as the first time i installed Gnome-shell-extensions from software center i tried to launch it and it immideately logged me out.
However installing extensions from browser works fine and i am able to launch any extension’s settings from the browser. The issue occurs only when i try to open Extensions application.
And I dont have many extensions installed and i verified that they are compateble with GNOME 40