Automatic upgrade at /etc/rpm-ostreed.conf respects "don't upgrade at metered connection"?

The title is auto-descriptive.

I see that Gnome Software says that upgrades by this app respect metered connection…

But automatic upgrade at /etc/rpm-ostreed.conf respects “don’t upgrade at metered connection”?
I’ll take my computer to a place only with smartphone internet some days in the week.

Should I fear the possibility of the automatic upgrade of rpm-ostree destroying my data cap?

Ps: By “automatic upgrade at /etc/rpm-ostreed.conf” I mean this


You’ll want to let GNOME Software drive updates in this case. So in the rpm-ostreed.conf settings, you would set AutomaticUpdatePolicy=none so that rpm-ostree doesn’t try to do itself since it doesn’t know about metered connections. (Yes, this is confusing – we need a clearer way to indicate when updates are being driven by another software, see .)

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Thanks for the feedback.

But I was told that “Automatic Updates” of Gnome Software doesn’t cover rpm-ostree (only Flatpak).
And … I did some tests … and Gnome Software doesn’t auto-updates rpm-ostree (I have warnings of new deployment available, I restart the machine and I continue without this installed).

So, I must assume that, for now, I don’t have a way to enable auto-updates for rpm-ostree that respects metered connections?
It is sad :(, not for me but because I’m installing in machines for average people that never remember to use Gnome Software to explicitly ask for an upgrade to rpm-ostree.

Obs: Should I disable the timer too (e.g.: systemctl disable rpm-ostreed-automatic.timer)?