Automatic release tagging (based on very simple heuristic)

It is possible to match on words in a first post and automatically add tags. For example, if a post contains “Fedora 35” or “Fedora Linux 35”, we could automatically tag it fedora-35 (or #fedora-linux-35, depending on the outcome of this poll).

Is this a good idea?
  • Yes! Let’s do it!
  • Yes, and also other automatic tags (I’ll suggest below)
  • No — manual tagging is best

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I would think nvidia, Wayland and Pipewire might be good candidates as well.


sound and audio = pipewire

Do you mean tag all posts that say either of those two words with “pipewire”? Surely not all sound and audio questions relate to that, though…

In case of upgrade as we had now, quite a lot where writing no audio after upgrade F35. The majority not new that pipe-wire was involved, even this time just changed Wireplumber. If this topics get auto tagged they get included in statistics and also generate notes where help the requester to investigate the problem.

But wouldn’t that cause topics like to get included in that statistic, making it meaningless?

I can see maybe a different sort of functionality – something like “hey, we noticed you’re posting about sound. do you think your problem might be with pipewire?”

There is no prove that pipe-wire is not the fault of the problem. And also no note that the problem is solved. So or so, if you make the tags automatically or manually, errors always happen.

Yes, more or less.

I think sound and audio should not be an automatic tag, but pipewire, nvidia, wayland, the fedora version, wifi, and possibly others would be good candidates. Anything that would not be potentially misleading.

Sound or audio could be hardware or software, could be pulse, alsa, pipewire, wireplumber, jack, and possibly others so there are really too many options to automate those words.

I do agree that in normal circumstances this not makes a lot of sense.
Just since the change to pipewire in FL-34 and now to wireplumber in FL-35 makes a lot of troubles in general. Almost every audio problem is direct or indirect a problem of the audio changes.

Here an other example that persons in general not now about the changes of pipewire and wireplumber. Just after they have the knowledge they start to look after this possibilities and find other problems in the web.

Alternative we could have a sub-category with update in general, where we inform about such "big " changes (links to change-log etc.) and we collect cases where in the end are caused because of this alterations in Kernel etc.

That’s what the Common Issues category would be. (See other thread.)