Automatic dual-boot progress?

Hy everyone,

I was wondering is there any progress on improving Silverblue dual-boot installation process. As I understand, Anaconda needs to be modified to automatically create a second EFI boot partition when we decide to install alongside Windows (or other OS).

I also read somewhere on the forum that it is planned on modifying Anaconda so it can be used as the only installed both for regular Workstation and Silverblue. Is there any progress on this?


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Hello. I am also looking for information on this. The truth is there is very little information in the forum, even several topics like this that have no answer and the truth is that I could not find any site or bug report that shows the state of the art on dual boot with another OS like Windows.

Something new?

So, is there no option in Anaconda in Silverblue to configure and use the Windows Boot Manager partition for Fedora Silverblue? I am only using the regular workstation, so it seems like the functionality in Silverblue is different went it comes to installing it.

Hello @jmacdonough ,
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No the Silverblue installer currently doesn’t offer an immediate dual boot option, but it can be done, it just requires manual intervention.
The difference is generally that Silverblue is atomic and Workstation is not.

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Thanks for the response Stephen! Well, I manually configured Fedora WS for it; I use the Blivet GUI to select the partitions and manually set the /efi/boot partition to use the Windows Boot Manager partition. If the same functionality is available in Fedora Silverblue, I reckon I could use it for that as well.

Is there a guide to do that? I didn’t find anything in this discussion forum.

There is not a guide in this forum to do that.

The problem would be writing the grub configuration. You need to make the file system live, or mutable, and I am uncertain if an update would honour the configuration, but simply overwrite your changes.