Autodesk Maya and Blackmagic Resolve can't see HDD

I have recently installed Fedora 30 and added Maya and resolve. My system disk is an SSD and I have a 1TB HDD which is shared with Windows. Also I have a second system disk SSD running Mint.

Both softwares seem to work on Fedora but cannot see my other Hard Drives, only media on my system disk is viewable. I have not had this issue on Mint but I have had to move to Fedora as most VFX software preferes RPM based systems and I chose Fedora as a little less fiddly than CentOS.

So in summary I can view files from within Nautilus and Terminal and seem to have full permissions (ls shows rwx across the board); but I can’t view these drives at all from within Maya, Resolve, or Blender.

Solved, just me being a dumbass. So on Linux Mint the path is /media/daniel/Data but on Fedora it’s /run/media/daniel I was confused becasue there is also a /media but that’s spurious.


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