Auto-update with rpm-ostree

Has anyone had experience with having rpm-ostree auto-update?
I have edited /etc/rpm-ostree.conf and set it to stage now everytime and enabled
enable rpm-ostreed-automatic.service
enable rpm-ostreed-automatic.timer
now on every login polkit prompts for password, I want the update to run without requiring the password, even if I am logged in with another user.
And also the automatic update timer does not execute the finalize-deployment which is run on reboot. Is it safe to run finalize-deployment on a running system to prevent not installing updates if the system is rebooted uncleanly?

Hi @damianatorrpm,

This thread should help.

Is your user in the wheel group? See the polkit rule for this.

The idea of having finalize-staged running on shutdown is that you eliminate all chances of changes to /etc not being propagated forward into the new deployment (see this issue for details). So yes, you could run it yourself manually, but it defeats the purpose of having it be a split operation that could run much later.

Is there any reason as to why the finalized-stage on one machine would take ~4-5 minutes whilst on another it takes less than 30 seconds.

Is the hardware different? Do you get different results if you run ostree admin finalize-staged manually?

Also, do you have multiple OSes on one but not the other? os-prober is known to making things way slower, see e.g.

Yes actually, the machine that takes 5 minutes has a Windows install on another drive that’s using Bitlocker. My machine at work just has Fedora on it, and that takes 20-30 seconds. I was having this under SB 30 too.

I can’t comment if the results are different for ostree admin finalize-staged at the moment I can’t upgrade because of this error.

Forbidden base package replacements:
  mesa-libglapi 19.2.0~rc4-1.fc31 -> 19.2.0~rc3-1.fc31 (fedora)
  mesa-libGL 19.2.0~rc4-1.fc31 -> 19.2.0~rc3-1.fc31 (fedora)