Audio popping after first update

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Hi friends. Since Fedora 33 I’m with audio problem. The audio is popping when listening to or watching any media after first update since fedora 34. Funny is that this occurs only after an update. My audio driver is Realtek on board and I don’t have problemas with Mint or Windows. I tryed some like this Fedora 34 - Audio popping problem but the problem return after any update. Exemple: I’m viewing a some in youtube or watching some VLC movie and assynchrony the sounds pops.

I need solve this before to tell about Fedora to others. Some sugestions?

I have experience with loud popping sound too but it’s different. It’s only happen on power on and power off. And the it’s gone after I create file /etc/modprobe.d/pcspkr-blacklist.conf and add blacklist pcspkr inside it. But recently I remove it since there a configuration available in BIOS to turn of speaker notification.

I’m not sure if above aplicable for your system.

Other things when I read the link you shared above, look like it’s related to system power management for your sound card. May be you could also check with your BIOS is there any configuration to disable power management controlled by BIOS.