Audio device driver - Dell Inspiron 7000

Sorry to revive a golden oldie but did you ever resolve this?
I have a Yoga 7 (16ARP8) which also has Realtek audio. I don’t have any mic inputs in settings (and no mic working on test call). I am new to Linux and wondering what next steps are, hoped this thread might have some ideas but it stopped short of doing so!! thanks

With 8 version updates to fedora since this was originally posted it would seem that anything said here is very dated and possibly not applicable.

Please note that I am closing the thread you posted on and moving your post to a new thread where it should get the attention it deserves.

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Thanks, where do i find that, or will it carry over my subscription setting?

If you are on Fedora 39 Workstation, let’s go to the Settings first Super Type “Settings”
On the Left go to Sound so you can see the input devices :

Then check your Input Device :

If you do not see an input device, post back we can troubleshoot further.

Thank you.

I have nothing listed for “Input device” unfortunately.
Grateful for advice on what to do next, short of selling machine :smiley:
thanks again for the help