Audio bleed over between applications

I am running Fedora 30 with KDE 5 on a Lenovo W540.

People have mentioned before that they can hear the audio I am playing on my laptop through applications like Discord or Mumble even though my audio activity light is not activated and the sound is going through my head phones hooked in by Bluetooth. Is there a way to check to see if there is some sort of bleed or pass-through set in Fedora?

I was recently on a phone call using my laptop as an audio device with the bluetooth paired with my phone. The other caller said they could hear themselves.

Normally, this is a hardware issue with your audio device. To eliminate the possibility of software issues, try doing the following:

Plug your headphones in and use them as your speakers. Use your laptop’s camera microphone as the microphone.

Now check to see if the same issue occurs. Doing this effectively splits the input and output to their own hardware, narrowing down the possibilities to the software.