At what time does flathub update the repository?

I update flatpaks once a day manually on fedora silverblue. I do not want to update packages each day manually. Each day, when I open Software, I can update some apps. And I will click on update when I see it.

My initial thoughts were that I will not have to take care of updates anymore, yet when I visit software regularly, I will update packages manually.

I already run flatpak update -y at boot and once every 4 hours but it’s the same experience, once a day I have to update apps. At what time do I need to run the update such that I do not have to update apps manually anymore?

Isn’t this frequency more than enough?

I don’t think there’s a set time for all apps on Flathub to get updated. Each application can update on Flathub at their own schedule, I think.

I don’t remember the exact frequency but it’s about once a day, and individual application maintainers can manually force the update to happen earlier when needed.

So updating once a day should be fine. Not sure what’s happening on your system.