Asus Zenbook Charging Indictor Behavior (Troubleshooting)

After the latest set of system updates, particularly to the 5.15.4* kernel, my ZenBook’s (UM425IA) charging light now blinks when plugged in; I can verify the issue lies neither with the Asus charger nor the Aukey 10-in-1 hub I use as well. In fact, the battery still charges, the light just simply blinks orange. Additionally upower doesn’t seem to indicate anything odd.

So, I think it may be something else and I’m looking for help on how to troubleshoot the issue; thanks for any suggestions…

Hey can you select a older kernel from boot while boot up and see if this issue still there.

For some reason, I didn’t even think of that @frankjunior; thank you!

Booting in to 5.14.17* didn’t have the issue and rebooting into the 5.15.4* kernel now doesn’t have the issue either… Very strange.

You are welcome :smiley: