Asphyx / The Last One On Earth - played on Fedora 37 with TuxGuitar and Guitarix

A new video with the kernel 6.5.6 with “preempt=full” as a boot time option and with pipewire in real time:

Pipewire Jack(version 0.3.80) is used with a 256 samples buffer size / 48000 Hz sample rate.

Default configuration of pipewire is used.

The backing tracks are played using TuxGuitar 1.5.4 with the 63mg The Xioad Bank soundfont.

The guitar is processed using Guitarix 0.44.1.

Everything is managed via Ray Session 0.14.1 manager and the sound is adjusted using non mixer 1.3.0.

The recording has been made using OBS Studio 29.1.3.

The last Fedora kernel is used: 6.5.6-100 on Fedora 37 wiht preempt=full option at boot time


Nice demonstration of the power of open source. :guitar: :metal: :fedora:

We should have you live on stage at a FOSS event some time. How about next FOSDEM?


Oh, good idea !
In the mean time, I will be at the “Capitole du libre” gathering:
I made some noises / musics too add JDLL (Journée du llogiciel libre / Days of the free software) for 2 years now.
I will check the FOSDEM Website for the agenda.