Ask.Fedora tag at discussions

What do you think of adding a tag for ask.fedora in discussions? So #ask or #ask-fp.

Many senior/long-term contributors at ask.fp focus on their activities in ask.fp and therefore, most discussions here are not relevant to them. An #ask-fp tag would give them a quick and easy way to identify the discussions that are related to their activities and experiences, facilitating them to reach out.

I was thinking about that when I was searching an #ask-fp tag for Ask.Fedora Survey about Fedora Docs :slight_smile:

There were already previous discussions about symbiosis between Fedora Docs and ask.fp, where the tag would have fit as well.

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+1 from my side :slight_smile:

Sorry for the slow reply here. I think it’s a great idea.

… but let me clarify first. :classic_smiley:

Sometime hopefully later this year, we’re planning to merge Ask into this site — it will become a subcategory. I think it would still be useful to have an #ask-fedora-team tag (or similar) in that case. Yes?

I agree. I think it makes sense in the same way as dedicated tags do for other SIG/WG. We should not expect that there are only questions and lounge-specific topics. We can add it and see how it evolves. If it turns out that nobody uses it, we can still remove it later.

Btw, what is happening to the lounge in the merged discourse? I guess it has proven useful in conjunction with the many heterogeneous ask.fp topics and users.