Asahi KDE calamares install - french MBP keyboard layout not applied


I have a azerty keyboard MBP M1 (2020) and I recently reinstalled due to the new release.

However keyboard selection did not work properly during the installed so I had to guess Qwerty layout to finalyze the install.

In the above picture you can see the “Keyboard” stage where french azerty (Macintosh) is selected.

The below tests is showing the upper first line of non-digit characters written after the selection. It does not work either on the next install steps or in KDE desktop.

Since keyboard does not apply one way to install is to use a rather simple password that you can change latter and mind the qwerty letter positions. Activate autologin to avoid other issues :slightly_smiling_face:.

In KDE konsole, here are the command relevant to my keyboard issue:

localectl set-keymap fr
localectl set-x11-keymap fr apple mac

KDE locale input interface of no use to me because of the MBP keyboard variant that is quite different from the usual french keyboard and not available (applied ?).

I am guessing it could be related to wayland. If you have some idea where I should look to debug this issue I’ll have a look.

Could it be related to