Asahi forum category and group configuration

Hello, Asahi SIG! I’ve set up this area with some basic defaults for permissions and Discourse settings. However, it’s really your area — so if you’d like something different, we can do that!

One particular area you might want to think about is tags, which we use heavily on other parts of the site. We can define tag groups which could be specific to this area, and have various rules for those, if you like. (For example, we could require posts in Ask Asahi to include a tag indicating hardware version.)

There is also an @asahi-sig group. This is synced from the Fedora Account System, and as currently configures, everyone in that group is given Category Moderator status here. (We could make a separate group for that.)

We can enable or (leave disabled) the ability to tag the whole group with @asahi-sig. And, it’s possible to enable a group inbox — I’d suggest against it, because personally I’ve got enough different inboxes already, but if you want, it’s an option.

I won’t be able to keep up with every topic, but I will follow this topic — or post in Site Help & Feedback. Let me know!


It looks like there’s some kind of auto bump enabled (e.g. see Firefox and widevine aarch64 - #5 by nuovodna), are we supposed to mark posts as resolved? I couldn’t find an obvious control to do that.

Yeah, this is configurable — I turned auto-bump on for Ask Asahi but not the others. I’ll list options here — not completely comprehensive because there are a lot, but I think these are the most generally relevant:

  • Navigate to first post after topics are read[1]

  • Make new topics wikis by default[2]

  • Allow unlimited owner edits on first post

  • Require moderator approval of all new topics[3]

  • Require moderator approval of all new replies[4]

  • Enable “Slow Mode” for new topics in this category.

  • Auto-close topic after ___ hours

    • Don’t close until the last post in the topic is at least this old.
  • Number of open topics to automatically bump daily:

  • Minimum days before bumping the same topic again:

  • Allow topic owner and staff to mark a reply as the solution

  • Auto close topic ____ hours after the last reply once the topic has been marked as solved.

There are also various default sorting orders (activities, time period to consider, etc).

  1. This is on for Announcements (and News & Announcements and Announce List and Community Blog) ↩︎

  2. editable by anyone except brand-new tl0 accounts ↩︎

  3. we can also restrict post access by group ↩︎

  4. ditto ↩︎

I think we probably don’t want auto-bump since it doesn’t seem terribly useful; there are many times the answer to a question is “just wait” or ambiguous or unclear, and then we have to arbitrarily pick something as the answer to stop the auto-bumper (unless I misunderstood how it works?).


@mattdm can we get the autobump turned off please? I think the other settings are fine as the are for the time being.

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@mattdm any progress on turning off that auto bump thing? Makes it absolutely impossible to quickly see what’s happened since last visit.

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I’ll second that - the autobump feature is incredibly annoying, and for most posts doesn’t seem to provide a useful function since those posts don’t have a solution.

I’m waiting for the time when one of the issues is solved upstream so I can post “Whoohoo! It looks like 36 autobumps solved the problem magically!”

But then that post would also need to be marked “Solved” to actually turn off the autobumper :joy:

Yes. Sorry for the slow response. I’ll turn it off.