Arylic B50 Amplifier - usb DAC not recognised

Hi all I have a new desktop amp the Arylic B50 Amp, it’s lovely and cheap and works in Windows and Chromebooks but not on any device I have Fedora39 installed on. (ThinkCentre and Thinkpad T14 amd gen 1)

This is both frustrating and embarrassing, so before continue with a bug report has anyone had a similar experience with this amp?

1666.480879] usb 1-7.3: new full-speed USB device number 10 using xhci_hcd
[ 1666.572124] usb 1-7.3: not running at top speed; connect to a high speed hub
[ 1666.578737] usb 1-7.3: New USB device found, idVendor=8888, idProduct=1717, bcdDevice= 1.00
[ 1666.578753] usb 1-7.3: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3
[ 1666.578760] usb 1-7.3: Product: ACPWorkbench HCI
[ 1666.578765] usb 1-7.3: Manufacturer: Arylic
[ 1666.578770] usb 1-7.3: SerialNumber: 20190808
[ 1666.579904] usbhid 1-7.3:1.0: couldn’t find an input interrupt endpoint


For whom?

If the vendor does not provide a driver, there is nothing you can do can about but write your own driver.
May ask at the vendor’s forum for some help: You need to rely on their support.

I would rather by an SBC with DAC and AMP, something like Hifiberry or better - you wouldn’t spend more money but it would work out of the box, with open-source software.

For me, I am usually very zealous in only buying products that support or have open drivers. I had thought that it would be a standard usb audio 2 configuration. I have been using a Linux desktop for a very very long time, starting with Slackware and a 2.4 kernel. So I should have known better!

I have used the Hifiberry Dac with Raspberry Pi in the past. It was an impulse buy something nice for the desk and not the innards of a Pi and a nest of cables and hifi amps.

I’ll check in on the vendor forum and report back.

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Alsamixer set to zero </end shame>