GNOME 43 stuff built from Fedora 37 sources for Fedora 36

this will be dropped as soon as F37 beta releases.

EDIT: never mind, I upgraded to pre-beta. feel free to fork and maintain if you want/need to, should be an alright base to work off of.


update for gnome-desktop3 likely conflicts with some F36 built packages that I have not rebuilt here.

mozjs102 is built with bundled ICU since F36's is too old for it

webkitgtk is currently built without debugsymbols because I didn't want to wait a day

evince contains some F36 branch specific patches not in F37 or rawhide to build on F36

nautilus is intentionally left at version with temporary ABI compat for extensions so I didn't have to rebuild packages that were just going to have their extensions disabled

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