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unfortunately it becomes personal, as said I experienced this before as someone used a from google indexed mail from a public mailing list against me and the mail just said that I have a history doing something like this. Well, I could proof the writer has not right, but the mail was not removed (because its a pain on mailman) and then used to write several Fedora/Red Hat people to stear up bad mood against me. I have not reached the age for pension, so there is always the possibility that a future employer looks me up in google and then he must read, what I say doesnt work. You hire me?

Does anyone have a 3D printer available? I would like to test the cookie cutter design, problem the Trybe maker space is gone and the only 3D printer I found here local, they want 15$ per hour print, that is way to much. Freaking lot of money here

I have sort of access to one, but it’s a resin type if that matters.

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well, the type would not matter. I have no idea but arent the resin ones better for smaller objects and more expensive in the printing material?

damn I missed this one, I been bit busy these days and had also issues with laptop and later on with the phone both replaced now.

this is what comes out with 3D printed cookie cutter

That is how the Fedora logo looks as cookie cutter in openSCAD

Yeah the resin printers are basically lithography I guess, using LCD panels to light cure the resin. The resolution is commonly in microns. My daughter and her partner have one I could get them to experiment with I think, though I haven’t asked yet.
I think they are all about making D&D pieces for their friends with it right now.
My understanding is the resin can be more expensive, especially if you aren’t thoroughly cleaning the resin tank between uses. It is also stinky when in use more so than the extruder type. Plus, I would think as a function of it’s technology, it consumes more power.

So the question is, what do we do now? The resin printer is I think overhead for testing the design, addionally resin prints look a bit different (testing & pictures are needed)

AFAIK, the resin printer has a volume of 210mm x 210mm x 400mm. I am not familiar with cost on material. The finish able to achieve is on par with polished metal.

well the design I have is currently 54x53 mm, but its SVG so can be scaled up or down any time. Question is more how big the cookie makes sense later. You wanna have the design?

Hi @gnokii ,
I would love the design! Fedora shaped cookies could be a thing. I’ll have to see when I can access said resin printer with my Kid and her soul mate.

Whats your Fedora mail address, cant upload here SVG. Design must be then controlled if the bridges are right in openSCAD. Looks not free of failure to me on the first view.

I think the Fedora email for me would be But that merely forwards to my gmail account so my gmail is s40w5satgmaildotcom. I am somewhat familiar with Openscad as I use it for some of my woodworking designs as well as some 3d mechanical items I needed to visualize.

Hi, sorry for the late answer, I am very busy during these days now, just fall asleep when coming home not much time to work on side projects. The file is on its way

Hi @gnokii,
I have a printer that will print 119mmx65mmx160mm (LxWxH). It accepts GCode files.
[edit:Nov 23] Hi @gnokii ,
Just an update about resin printers, and definitely more of an FYI. The one I have is very resolute (1440x2560), and as a consequence is also very slow (6-18s/layer). I used an already prepared image of the Eiffel Tower to do a test of the process, as I have never touched these things before, it took a whopping 13+hrs! So I can see why getting resin printing done can be costly, it’s time and resource tie up costly, you can only do one printing session at a time. On the plus side it’s only using about 72Watts to do this so not bad for making something from goo.
So pertinent to the image for me is if it is multiple parts, I would want to arrange them in the footprint (119mmx65mm) to maximize overall printing speed by doing more at the same time, which I guess is the same for any lithographic type of work