Article request: FOSDEM, Matrix and Jitsi

Hi, all.

this year FOSDEM is going to be virtual, and according to the news it will use Matrix and Jitsi.

But there is not much information at this point on how one can actually join FOSDEM event.

I think it would be great to have an article which provides a how-to. What are the minimal set of requirements, what do you need to have installed on the system, any tweaks if you need on the audio side and so on.

Do we have anyone from the Fedora FOSDEM booth or FOSDEM volunteers who has early access to the current setup and can check that it works on Fedora 32 and Fedora 33 and write an article about that? Are there any codecs needed? Does it work with Wayland?

Something like “Yes, you can participate in FOSDEM with latest Fedora 33” would be a great message.


Hi @bookwar,

The FOSDEM organizers have created a dedicated page for every virtual stand and we are working on putting as much information as possible on the Fedora. I expect it to be published within next week. Also, we will have a Matrix room you can join. We tested that and it works fine (I am on F33).

Next week I will publish a detailed blogpost on the community blog on how to join all of these. We want to have the page ready first so you can join everything.

Also, the FOSDEM organizers have set up a “Welcome Session” for each stand from 8:30-9AM UTC (9:30-10AM CET). If you can join it would be greeeeeat :smile:

Here’s the wiki page: FOSDEM 2021 - Fedora Project Wiki


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