Article ready for review: Moving Ask Fedora to Discourse phase 2: request for beta testing


I’ve got another post on the Ask Fedora move ready for review

The preview only works when one is logged in I think. I cannot access it on a different browser instance when I’m not logged in.

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We are now very near to flipping the switch to make the Discourse instance open to end-users.

So Ask Fedora is going to be on a separate Discourse instance? It seems a bit confusing to have two…

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Not at all, it was a conscious decision. This instance is for community discussion, not end-user troubleshooting, and we don’t want to risk hampering discussion within the various teams that use this platform by having lots of end-user questions pop up here.

This was explained in the previous commblog post:

“The new AskFedora is a Discourse instance hosted for us by Discourse, similar to However, where is meant for development discussion within the community, AskFedora is meant for end-user troubleshooting. While we did toy with the idea of simply using for both purposes, we felt it was a bit of a risk of the mix hampering both use cases. So, the decision was made to stick to the current organisation and use a separate Discourse instance for user queries.”

I’ll try to do the review later today or on Monday. It would probably publish Thursday of next week.

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Ah okay, thanks! Must’ve missed that somehow…

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That’s a weird decision, especially because forums have sections. If somebody
is using Discourse as what we had before (mailing lists), as I am doing, then
it’s exactly like the users list vs the devel list. You just pick the section
to open a thread in.

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On the contrary, it is a very well thought out decision. If you’ve looked at the instance we’ve set up, we want to support various langauges given our global user base, and top level categories are therefore being used for that bit of organisation. On discussion.fp.o, since it is community development oriented discussion, the language we generally limt ourselves to is English. So, creating categories to manage languages and all the dev talk and user-end discussion is very hard in one instance.

We should also keep in mind that using discourse by e-mail is a feature, but that is not the primary mode via which discourse is meant to be used.

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Looks good. I added a Read More element and a comma. It’s scheduled for publication Thursday morning. If you have a featured image you want to use or a specific place you want people to provide feedback (to add in the final paragraph), let me know.


Thanks very much. I think the image is fine for this one. I will make sure I find a good one for the fedora-magazine post.

People should provide feedback in the “Site feedback” category on the website itself: Site Feedback

Since I wrote the post, Persian and Simplified Chinese support has also been completed. Could you move them out of the “WIP languages”, and place them in the list of languages we already support, please? These are the links to their categories:

Links added!

For the Magazine post, you can work with that team to create an image. Ryan Lerch does a lot of the image creation for Magazine, but others on the team contribute, too.


If someone opens an issue on communityblog-images, I can create them with about a week’s advance notice.

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