Article proposal: Vagrant next steps

This would be a follow up article to the Vagrant installation one.

  • More information on how a Vagrantfile is structured
  • How to build multiple VMs in a single file
  • Network configuration
  • Provisioning using in-line commands, shell scripts and Ansible (I’ve seen but think including Ansible in a general provisioning section wouldn’t be too much duplication)
  • More stuff I haven’t thought of yet!

It’s not meant as an in-depth technical tutorial, more a continuation of the theme, moving new users on and helping them understand what can be achieved with the software.

If this is of interest I’ll spend a little time researching it and write it up over this week ready for review. Perhaps you could run a short series on Vagrant, or if others can join in then on DevOps tools in general?

+1 This sounds like a great build upon the previous article

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+1 from me too … and this is enough characters +
[Edit] Taiga card #237 created and assigned to @amott.

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This was published today

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