Article proposal: Using source-git to maintain packages in Fedora

Hello, I’d like to propose an article for Fedora Magazine. I was debating b/w the Magazine and the Community Blog and decided to go here first.

Title: Using source-git to maintain packages in Fedora
Description: A few weeks ago I started a thread on fedora-devel whether dist-git is a good place to do work. It received a ton of replies and I’d love to follow up with a blog post. The article would contain plans of our team how we are planning to propose usage of source-git in Fedora for maintainers to do their job. I already have a draft of the article and can share it.

Would Fedora Magazine be a good venue for such content?


As a non Fedora packager/developer, I’d actually be interested in this as a sort of “behind the scenes” type article to show some of what goes on in that part of the Fedora project. I’ll give this a +1. But I’d also ask that you include a lot of “mundane” details that “everybody knows” as a developer.

Since this will be a persuasive article about how things should be done, I’d also like to see some details about how decisions are made. Who gets a vote? Do some people’s vote count more than others? If so, why?

Thanks for your contributions! I look forward to seeing your article.

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This seems like the kind of article aimed at contributors, not Fedora users (who will be largely unaffected by the difference). Is this a better fit for the Community Blog?

Agree with pfrields, I’d go for the Community Blog.

Speaking as a representative of both venues, I think I’d want to see the article before making my decision. Given that we’re not using source-git, I don’t think this would really fit the “peek behind the curtain” model.

Understood, community blog indeed sounds like a better venue. Thank you for your feedback.