Article Proposal: Using Fedora Astronomy Lab for Setup, Capture, and Processing of Astrophotographs

Hey all. I would like to propose an article for the Magazine regarding using Fedora Astronomy Lab and other opensource tools (siril, kstars, ekos, etc) to setup, capture, and process astrophotographs. I visualize it as being a follow-along type tutorial with screenshots, code-snippets, and actual astrophotographs. As an astrophotographer, I have found that using Fedora for this purpose is absolutely doable, but hasn’t been well documented (recently anyway), and includes some nuances that this article would hope to cover.

What are your thoughts?


Hello @coremodule,
+1 from me!. I love astronomy and astrophotography. and I’m sure I’m not the only one.
Have you had a chance to get set up to write articles for the magazine? If not, you can go to follow the directions there. Once this idea gets two +1 votes, we can start the process.

Sounds like a great article idea to me. +1! I’ll get your Taiga card setup after you’ve signed in to the system to initialize your profile.

Thanks for the +1s! I think I’ve set up my profile on Taiga, thanks for the link. Let me know if I need to do anything else to start writing.

@coremodule, I’ve created card #253 to track your article status. Move the card to the review column when your article is finished. That’s all! You can now sign in to and begin writing your article.

Hi @coremodule. Is your article almost done? No rush, but the magazine team will meet tomorrow morning to schedule articles for the upcoming week and it looks like we could use one or two more articles. If yours isn’t ready, it’s no big deal. We can just spread what we have out a little and publish a little less often. If it is ready, please move the Taiga card to the “review” column.


Hey @glb, it’s not yet done, but close. What date and UTC time is the meeting? Depending on when, I can try to get it done before the meeting.

The meeting is in 5 minutes. If you think it will be ready soon (within the next few days). I’ll go ahead and reserve a slot for your article next week.