Article proposal: Using AI for guitar sound

Article Summary:

I propose to write an article about guitarix (a lamp amplifier simulator) and AI.
This new version of guitarix can use a huge bank of AI presets.

Article Description:

I will present a quick description of guitarix and how to create a guitar sound with guitarix.
Then, I will present the new guitarix plugins to manage amplifier emulation and cabinet emulation.
I will do a quick demonstration of.a complete plugin chain using AI.

“Sounds” neat. +1. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This “reverberates” with me. +1
I’ve opened Pagure card #305 to track your article.

When you have the article available and ready to review in the Fedora Magazine WordPress instance let us know by leaving a “Preview” link in a comment on this ticket. If you have any questions about your article, leaving a comment on this card is the best way to contact the editors.

Thanks for volunteering to share your article.

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Thanks a lot.

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Quick reminder, @ycollet When you have your article ready for review don’t forget to leave a note here with the preview link.

Thanks again.

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I planned a last pass on the content today or tomorrow. I think the article will be ready for review on monday.