Article proposal: Up and Running with Stratis

An introductory article to storage management using Stratis. Article flow would follow:

  • introduction to Stratis, what it is and what it is designed to achieve
  • installing and setting up Stratis
  • walk through of some tasks configuring storage and filesystems

Draft is here:

Let me know if I should put it somewhere else.

The outline seems fine. I can’t access the draft though. (Please make articles publicly viewable if you intend to have the community take a look at them.)

I’m +1 to the article in concept, though. @asamalik would it make sense to run this before we run an article on encryption in Stratis, though?

+1 from me. Is this the article that we should consider running prior to the other Stratis article?

jakfrost - it is! Brian and I are working with Dennis Keefe to propose a series of Stratis articles.

@gmkeegan Sorry for delay here, but we want to move forward with these articles. I made a Taiga card here for us to track:

I’ve assigned you to the card. Now you can write/copy the draft to a new post in our Wordpress instance ( to login). When it’s ready to review, just move the Taiga card above to “Review” status and the editors will take a look!


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@gmkeegan, I was just going back through these proposals to close out some that were published and I see that you have proposed two Stratis articles. The card that was in the review column and the article that was published was #245. It looks like the title on #245 has been changed from “Getting started with Stratis” to “Up and Running with Stratis”. Unfortunately, I already closed out #245 thinking it was the “Getting started with encryption in Stratis” article. I found the other card linked in the other proposal, but it appears to have been closed out some time ago by Adam. Are both articles done at this point? I think the cards got mixed up somewhere along the line.