[Article proposal] Trying different desktop environments using`rpm-ostree rebase`

Article Summary:

The article will describe how easyit is to switch between ostree-based variants of Fedora (Silverblue/Kinoite/Sericea) easy and secure with the availability of rollback in case if something goes wrong.

I did’t found this to be drscribed in any official website, but this is nice feature, so I think it is good to inform people about it.

Article Description:

The article will first describe how people can try different desktop environments while using traditional Fedora Workdtation not Ostree-based and drawbacks of the solutions:

  • installing different desktop environment using dnf - disadventages are: a lot of dependencies pulled in, cannot uninstall any desktop environment in easy way, doubled system apps in the application menu (e.g: Nautilus and Dolphin for browsing files)
  • dual booting multiple spins of Fedora - disadvantages are: lot of free space of hard drive consumed, have to maintain two copies of OS separately (e.g installing updates)

Next, the article will describe how ostree-based systems differs from non-ostree based (e.g immutable, transactional updates)

And the last topic, the article will describe how users can easily switch between ostree-based Fedora Spins (Silverblue/Kinoite/Sericea) to try different desktop environments using rpm-ostree rebase and describe advantages of this way:

  • not much disk space consumed
  • separation between OSes - no doubled system apps
  • easy way to go back to the previous variant using rpm-ostree rollback

Sounds great. +1.

+1 from me. I’ve created Pagure ticket #192 to track this article.

Please use comments on ticket #192 if you have questions or need to communicate with the editors about anything.

The overall work flow is described at this link.

When you have it ready to review in the Fedora Magazine WordPress site, please leave a comment in this ticket with a preview link and we will start the review process.

Thanks for volunteering to write for the Fedora Magazine!

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