Article proposal: Transitioning to Fedora

Title: Transitioning to Fedora/Welcome Experienced Linux users!
(Title needs work)
Description: A year or so ago I had to migrate to Fedora rather unexpectedly after 12 years of Debian and Slackware. There should be an article discussing the differences in release philosophy, providing a quick cheat sheet of useful commands, and pointing people at community resources, documentation etc. You know something to save the hours of often frantic Googling that I’ve had to do. I’d write it but as I’m still largely finding my feet I’d need help.

Would magazine be interested in such piece/pieces might be a multiparter

Sounds like a good article idea to me.

I’m cautiously +1 to the idea. You’ll have to be careful about not disparaging other projects/distributions.

@marnold512 if you’ll please log in to our Kanban board, I’ll add you to the team and create a card for you.

@bcotton Got your invite and linked my FAS account still can’t create cards

That’s because I hadn’t added you to the team yet. :slight_smile: I have now, and created the card. Happy writing!

I’m not sure it’s exactly feasible to compare and contrast the differences in Fedora’s philosophy and everyone elses. Perhaps better would be a description of how Fedora does it’s work and why.

I agree with this approach, it would present as a better read and could mitigate any perceived negativity on the topic.

I already have something mostly written on the tips for Fedora newcomers end. it was bounced with changes and expansion requested, I’ll finish up as soon as I hear from the editor assigned to help me.

But I was thinking along these lines as I was writing. And to do it this way would make a different article on how Fedora handles X.Y/Z and why. In my case i would’ve wanted to know how Fedora handles Software Freedom issues. I’ve pieced it together from the wiki myself. But having someone with more experince do the How Does Fedora do X, and Why? would be good… In short I like this idea too but it goes way beyond my original vision for the piece I am writing.

Maybe this should be looked at as a sort of series. What I am thinking is not necessarily a single author series, but more of shared knowledge one. What you are describing originally is something I have witnessed many experience over time, and I experienced so long ago I must admit I am comfortable with and accustomed to Fedora, and the way “things are done”. It sort of ties in with the topics like the origins of Fedora, the FOSS community, the difference between open source and it’s licensing implications (boring), Why rpmfusion was created, etc…