[Article Proposal] The power of ls type commands

I was thinking of an article on different commands that start ls such as ls, lscpu, lsmem, lsblk and such. The focus is the commands that start with ls many are hardware related and provide views into the system. Give a little about each command and what you can do or get from the use of it.

An article about commands to query basic system information sounds like a great idea. I wouldn’t limit myself to just commands that start with “ls” though. That is more coincidental than it is any sort of systematic naming convention. dmidecode is one of my favorites. The output of free is probably more useful in the typical case than lsmem.

+1 :slight_smile:

+1 @zexcon I’ve created card #394 for this article.

I like the idea of collecting several of the “system query” commands in one place.


I would like to chime in here, +1 on the article idea, but could I suggest looking at it as a series possibly. Like Opensource Highlights does. I have recently been using some of the Rust developed tools such as exa and tokei as well as du-tree and fd, all very usable and nice new versions of old linux tools. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to cover a bit of the initial history on the fact these command line tools do one thing and do it well. Also, if you need links to articles from Redhat or Opensource.com I have loads of cheatsheets etc…