Article Proposal: The new Fedora i3 Spin

The i3 SIG will be releasing the new i3 Spin for F34, and we would like to put an article about it. We already have a draft that we can put in the WP instance, to be edited and to ask for a featured image that should include our logo (the SIG logo I mean).

This article should not be published until the F34 GA is released. If you fall short of articles you could use this after F34 Beta release, but never before that.

+1 and agreed on waiting until after GA. If you want to make your own featured image, you can do that but you don’t have to.

+1 here, too.

I’ve created the tag #296 for this article on the Kanban board. You can follow the workflow docs and let us know if you have any questions.

Article is now on the WP instance, and can be edited/previewed with the link on tag #296