[Article Proposal] The Fedora Family Tree

Article Summary:
A look into the history of Fedora including the distros that led to its development, as well as the various flavours currently being spun off
Article Description:
An interest piece that will briefly touch on the development of unix, the creation of gnu/linux, and the histories of the RedHat and Fedora projects. As there are an ever-growing number of linux distros it would be interesting to look into how Fedora relates to the others, and to RedHat and CentOS in particular. We will also look into Fedora variants such as Silverblue and the various desktop environment spins. The purpose is to give the reader a broader sense of how Fedora fits in with the current linux family, what sets it apart from the others, and what the future roadmap may look like.


BTW, to save the editors some work down the road:

  1. “RedHat” should be “Red Hat”.
  2. Red Hat is not a project.
  3. When referring to all the operating systems produced by the Fedora Project collectively, use “Fedora Linux” (“Fedora” or “Fedora Project” should be used when referring to the project).
  4. When referring to the various Fedora Linux operating systems individually, prefix their name with “Fedora” (“Fedora Workstation”, “Fedora Silverblue”, etc.)
  5. “linux” and “unix” should be written “Linux” and “Unix” respectively.
  6. “gnu” is a recursive acronym, so it should be written with all uppercase letters (“GNU”).

… and what the future roadmap may look like.

That particular aspect of the article may need to be verified by Matthew Miller.


Thanks for the feedback, this is my first proposal so still unsure on a lot of things

There is some documentation here if you have not found it already. Otherwise, if you have questions, just ask. :slightly_smiling_face:

+1 from me as well. I have opened Pagure ticket 204 to track your article. This ticket will allow you and the editors to track the progress of the article as well as communicate about its status and any questions that might arise by leaving comments on it.

When you have the article in the Fedora Magazine WordPress instance and feel it is ready for review, just add a comment to the ticket with a link to the WordPress preview image.

Information and guidelines for writing Fedora Magazine articles can be found here. The side bar on that page also has a description of the workflow for creating an aritcle.

As @glb said, if you have any questions at any time just leave a comment with the question on #204) and we’ll be happy to help.