[Article proposal] The current state of VFX on Linux

Article Summary:
The availability of VFX industry tools on Linux.

Article Description:
The purpose of this article is to show VFX tools, apps, and ecosystem on Linux.

+1 from me. This looks like an interesting Magazine article. However, make certain it is tailored for Fedora Linux to conform to the “Fedora Magazine” concept.

Ditto. Something like Blender would be OK for Fedora Magazine. But something like Adobe wouldn’t. The main goal of Fedora Magazine is to promote FOSS (and Fedora Linux itself).


@sergiorojas We have opened Pagure ticket number 242 for this article.

Please use comments on it to communicate with the Fedora Magazine editors regarding questions or updates.

When you have your article ready for review please leave a “Preview” link as a comment.

BTW, to make the article more Fedora specific you might consider modifying the title from “…on Linux” to “…on Fedora Linux”

Thanks for volunteering to contribute to the Fedora Magazine.

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