[Article proposal] The business case for supporting EPEL

Article Summary:
I am going to make the case that if you use EPEL as part of your organization’s infrastructure, you have an interest in keeping those packages available and as secure as they can be.

Article Description:
Here’s a link to my first draft in HackMD! Please leave comments on how I can make this better or what I should change to fit in with the rest of the Magazine.

Other community members who are attached to the EPEL marketing campaign - please also give feedback in the HackMD!

This is a neat idea! I would suggest mentioning that EPEL can be used on CentOS Stream as well, and point at EPEL-Next and CentOS Stream as a Reason 5: “you can prepare for future releases before they happen”, etc.

@carlwgeorge @tdawson curious what your thoughts are.

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+1 Looks good to me. :slight_smile:

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+1 from me @joseph.
I have created issue #136 in Pagure to track this article.

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Thanks for the feedback, Josh! I mentioned CentOS Stream as one of the distros that one can use EPEL in at the beginning of the article, and then I added this section further down. Is this a fair description?

I love this idea. I’m leaving lots of comments on the hackmd to help polish it up.

@joseph I think your addition is good. I’ll defer to Carl on the overall post :slight_smile: Thanks again for drafting it!

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